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Do you feel emotionally fulfilled and physically healthy?

If not, I want to help you get there!

I Help You Reconnect to Yourself and to the Relationships that Matter Most to You So That You Experience More Joy, Excitement, and Purpose in Your Life.

Hi, I'm Kristen.

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After years of struggling with health issues and trying to find my own career clarity, I know firsthand how much our busy lifestyles and lack of purpose can take a toll on our physical and mental health. 

It's often not until we take a deep look inward that we can really redirect our mental and physical wellbeing! 

As an avid surfer and salt and sand lover I have deepened my own sense of purpose and improved my health through my connection to the water along with other daily self-care practices that have strengthened my emotional and. The ocean has beautiful metaphors for how we navigate through life so you'll see a theme here with the support services I offer. 


Whether you are looking to overcome obstacles and find clarity in your life, shift out of negative habits that affect you mentally and physically, or simply need some relaxation support - I'm here to help! 


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Did you know that the first few things you do in the morning can have a huge impact on not just your day, but your entire life?

My self-guided Wake-Up Program allows you to set the foundation for an easy morning routine so that you have more clarity and energy throughout your day. As an added bonus, you also receive a private coaching call to help you stay focused.

Riding the Waves

Part of learning to surf is to slow with the motion of the waves and stay relaxed. I love helping others channel their inner wave catching in a way that helps build tools to ground, regain calm, and manage stress when life gets challenging. 

My relaxation techniques include establishing a meditation practice, using yoga to create more flow physically and mentally, and mastering breath work to improve your whole well-being. 

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True transformation comes with repeating new habits, having accountability, and having clear steps to move you forward.

My transformation coaching program will help you make powerful changes to create your best life. This is a deep dive into what's holding you back so we can clear the way for you to move forward in the direction you desire. 

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"I help people feel better in their own skin, spend more time doing what they love, and achieve their goals in all the big areas of life -- health, career, relationships, and purpose."

Get my Seven Steps to Casting Your Vision and Manifesting the Life You've Always Wanted!

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