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My Favorite Beauty Products

As an esthetician, I am always on the hunt for amazing products. I was so excited when I came across this company and its holistic skincare line.

I incorporate Oliveda masks along with Epicuren products into all of my facials. Below are a few of my favorites for your external and internal skincare concerns. 

OLIVEDA_5_Anti-Winkle-Anti-Aging_Set copy.png

Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Set

Get the Glow! Beauty that comes from within and radiates outward

F42 Corrective Face Cream

Evens out uneven skin relief, corrects small lines and wrinkles.

Olive Mush 

A coffee alternative consisting of 100% olive leaf/hydroxytyrosol, organic cacao, mediterranean herbs and functional mushrooms

2724_Product copy.png

F59 Corrective Serum

Concentrated hydroxytyrosol power combined with the smoothing paracress extract.

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