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Who this is for:


Do you wake up already feeling stressed out before your feet hit the floor? Do you feel like you don’t have the energy, motivation, or direction you want to have in your day? Are you feeling like something’s not quite right with your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being? If this is you then the Wake Up program is for you! 


How it works:


This is an online 6-week course that will help you change up your morning routine by introducing easy-to-implement, customized steps. You will receive three weekly emails with simple action steps each week along with a yoga video and meditation audios. The course comes with the bonus of a one-on-one coaching call to enhance this program’s benefits. 


What you get: 


  • Simple strategies to start your day so that you feel calmer and clarify 

  • Learn how to set intentions for your day instead of feeling scattered and overwhelmed 

  • Create a deeper relationship with yourself through the simple act of journaling 

  • Develop your own customized morning routine that fits into your busy lifestyle 

  • More energy throughout your day 

  • Increased happiness 

Wake-Up Method Self-Guided Program

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